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For over 50 years, our workers have produced quality cover systems for a variety of markets, from agriculture and construction to flatbed and automotive accessories. Rushmore Buildings offers a full line of fabric-covered steel buildings, also known as hoop buildings. Give us a call today at 1.866.776.5617.

"Rushmore Buildings can be built in a matter of
days for fast and affordable floor space for
your agriculture and multipurpose operation."

Don't settle for a building that is not engineer stamped and designed to handle the snow and wind loads. Rushmore Buildings are engineered to offer years of low-cost, dependable service. We offer custom replacement covers for your damaged or faded building cover.

Our American Made fabric-covered steel buildings are an economical solution to your need for more storage or work space. They're easy to build and easy to maintain. They make great multipurpose facilities for sand, salt, grain storage and equipment, and we offer a superior line of buildings for livestock housing. When it comes to reducing heat stress on livestock, you won't find a better solution. The semi-translucent 12.5 oz. woven high-density polyethylene coated fabric cover allows natural light into the building and creates an outdoor-like atmosphere while offering protection from the heat of direct sunlight.

Rush-Co Springfield

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Replacement Covers For All Brands and sizes of Metal Framed Fabric Covered Buildings

Rushmore Buildings produces replacement covers, curtains or fabric doors for your building in a matter of days.  Is your building cover damaged or color faded? Rushmore Buildings can help you replace your metal framed fabric building cover at a very competitive price, with a warranty and a lead time that is the quickest around. No matter who manufactured your original building, Rush-Co will work with you to provide a new custom cover that meets your building’s requirements.  Rushmore Buildings has over 50 years of experience in the tarp and fabric industry and all of our covers are proudly “Made in the USA”. We use the industry's highest quality materials to produce covers that are both durable and stylish in appearance. Rush-Co's purchasing power allows us to pass savings directly from the “factory to you”. Customizing your building with a custom colored end panel or let your color imagination run wild…we will do our best to accommodate you.  Contact us today to get a quote and lead time information at 877-330-0512 or email info@Rush-Co.com

 Rushmore Buildings

Rush-Co manufactures a complete line of fabric-covered metal framed structures in widths from 30 feet on up to hundreds of feet in length. Our most popular Monotube widths are 30 and 36 feet and Truss widths are 44, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120, and 140 feet.   Truss Buildings are Engineered to meet IBC Code requirements of 90 mph and a 40 psi snow load, this zinc-plated steel truss building is the workhorse of Industry. We have designed our buildings to protect your investments from the fiercest environment and offer an industry leading warranty to boot.  The Rush-Co. Truss Building is the best solution for the smart buyer. The Rushmore Truss Building provides a safe, bright, and secure environment for any application — grain, salt, sand, job site equipment, machinery and livestock. We use a super tough 12.5 oz. woven high-density polyethylene coated fabric that is designed specifically for this application and allows us to provide our customers with a market leading warranty.   All connecting hardware and metal components are zinc-plated to resist corrosion and extend component life.  Mechanical ratchets offer a secure tie down system that has been designed to be the most secure hold down system in the industry.
All Rushmore buildings are designed for easy installation which results in lower construction costs and a clear open span with no internal columns.  Rushmore Buildings will save you as much as 50% in upfront costs over traditional metal buildings. The value is enhanced even more when you add in the benefits like noise reduction, lower utility and lighting costs, decreased lifetime maintenance costs and a cooler, more inviting environment. Rushmore is the obvious choice! Rushmore Buildings have become popular among livestock producers due to their cost- and labor-saving features. As beef and dairy operations continue to grow and expand, larger and more economical solutions are needed for housing your livestock. Providing a safe and secure environment for your livestock is the goal of any feedlot manager.

Rush-Co. understands the large investments of purchasing and maintaining farm machinery. We also know there is a way to extend the life of your investment by protecting it from inclement weather and subzero temperature. A Rushmore Building is the smart solution to maintaining the quality of your investment.  Don't throw away your hard work by not protecting your commodity investments. Studies from the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station estimate that nationwide producers lose over $3 billion from hay losses alone. Unprotected hay bales lose up to 30% of their value. Whether it is hay, feed rations or salt and gravel, Rush-Co. has a way to preserve your commodities and protect your investments.  Here is a list of other applications that Rushmore Buildings are serving…

• Stabling • Riding Arena • Warehousing • Farrowing & Confinement • Field Maintenance Shop

• Composting • Flight Pens • Green House • Airplane Hanger  


Contact us today to get a quote and lead time information at 866-776-5617 or email info@Rush-Co.com


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