Rush-Co. Marine Product Testing

Accelerated Lab Testing

Wind whip
The rating is based on the fabric's ability to resist wind whip. Both samples were subjected to 60 mph winds. Shelter-Rite resisted fraying and tearing much better than other laminated fabrics.

Tear strength
The rating is based on the fabric's strength to resist tearing. Shelter-Rite's base fabric has twice as many strands than most commonly used laminate materials. Also providing an advantage is the fact that the base fabric is woven in Shelter-Rite compared to being layered in most laminates.

Coating adhesion strength
Adhesion measures the strength of the bond between the base fabric and coating. Shelter-Rite uses an adhesive coat layer to create the highest adhesion strength possible. Strong adhesion helps resist wear due to wind whip.  Laminates have good adhesion, but the construction of the base fabric combined with this adhesion actually lowers tear resistance.  Shelter-Rite strikes an appropriate balance between adhesion and tear resistance.

Puncture testing
Puncture resistance plays a direct roll in preventing tears in your fabric. Since Shelter-Rite is made from tightly woven threads, there are little to no gaps between the yarns. This creates a higher puncture resistance.  In laminate fabrics, the layered threads allow for more gaps between yarns making it more susceptible to punctures.

UV resistance
The PVC coating on Shelter-Rite is evenly spread across the base fabric and provides excellent UV protection. This helps prevent things such as color change or spotty fading of color on your fabric.  Laminate fabric tends to be lighter in weight and has an uneven coating to protect against UV rays.



Rush-Co Marine supplies Original Equipment Manufacturers such as those that produce ShoreMaster®, Beach King®, Newmans®, Pier Pleasure®, DAKA®, Floe®, Hewitt®, Porta-Dock®, Ridgeline®, Lake Shore Products®, LSP®, Harbor Master®, and others.  Rush-Co also produces boat lift canopy cover tarps for custom made and do it yourself designed canopy frames.  We have lab tested and done field tests on a wide variety of fabrics from a worldwide list of industrial fabric manufactures in order to provide the highest quality and highest valued boat lift canopy covers to the United States lake shore equipment users.  Our company’s mission is to sell more boat lift canopies than any other manufacturer of boat lift covers in the world.  How is this done?  By offering the highest quality boat lift canopies at extremely competitive pricing.  We have positioned Rush-Co boat lift canopies to simply be the best value boat lift canopies on the market.  Rush-Co highly productive employees have acquired their expertise in the manufacturing of boat lift canopies over the past 40 years and have the increased quality and productivity of these canopies through the addition of specialized and automated industrial production equipment. The modern Rush-Co factory can produce your boat lift canopy to your size, brand, fabric, and color quickly and meet your quality and delivery expectations.  In the rare event that the fit form or function of your cover does not meet your expectations, our team of boat lift canopy customer service and engineering professionals will work with you until the situation is resolved.    Each manufacturer of SHORE STATION® , ShoreMaster®, Beach King®, Newmans®, Pier Pleasure®, DAKA, Floe, Hewitt®, Porta-Dock®, Ridgeline®, Lake Shore Products®, LSP®, Harbor Master®, have specific designs, dimensions, and quirks that require engineering of the covers for a superior fit each time.  We build each boat lift canopy to a specific set of engineered details so that our automated equipment can accurately cut each cover precisely over and over again for a beautiful and functional fit.  Our skilled sewers and seamers produce boat lift canopies year-round with a sense of pride and awareness that each boat lift canopy will be seen by hundreds of boaters each year and should create a sense of pride for its owner year after year.  Contact us today to get a quote and lead time information at 877-330-0512 or email  

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