Rush-Co Mower Covers
Are you searching for an economical disc mower conditioner cover? Don't trust your investments to just anyone! With over 50 years in the tarp and fabric industry, Rush-Co understands the type of materials and workmanship that needs to go into these covers to make them last. Our covers are engineered based on our vast experience working with OEMs, dealers, and end users of our products. All of our covers are proudly Made in the USA with the highest quality materials and provide an economical alternative to overpriced covers. Contact us today to get a quote and lead time information at (866) 776-5617.   

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SPECIALS - Check measurements before ordering. 

1107682 - M&W liner flat panel - 26 X 123.24-  $25 Each          5 Left

1108198 - Rhino (Rhino DM 82, M&W HC577 & HC501) - 47.38 X 91.21 - $150 Each          53 Left 

1108199 - Rhino (Rhino DM 95, M&W HC687 & HC601) - 47.38 X 104.63 - $130 Each          12 Left

Rush-Co mower covers are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, using the industry's highest-quality material. The covers create a protective barrier to reduce the hazards created by thrown objects, rotating blades, drive-lines, hydraulic fluids and more. Our products also meet today's requirements for chemical exposure.

High Quality Products Our 40 oz. PVC coated polyester high adhesion industrial materials exceed domestic and European puncture resistance and tear strength requirements for this application. Minimal seams and a double layer 80oz. wear edge decrease the chances of tearing and abrasions on the cover. The smooth fabric surface reduces the build-up of dirt and grime on the cover making it easy to maintain.

Our Value Rush-Co's volume purchasing power allows us to pass savings directly to you. As an added incentive we include 150 lb. UV resistant heavy duty cable tie attachments with every cover. Ask about our Dealer and OEM logo placement programs. 

For the Agricultural Farm Equipment market we produce a brand specific O.E.M. quality cover for Rotary Disc-bine Mowers.  These rotary disc mowers throw debris often found in the fields and ditches wildly.  Our exclusively tailored covers are designed to fit each brand specifically and do the best job in the industry.  Protection for the operator, tractor, and surroundings is maximized through the use of 40 oz. P.V.C. fabrics with the highest puncture resistance levels for the disc mower industry.  You can buy a cover for a lower price but it will not do the job safely and cover life is reduced by half or more.  Contact us today to get a quote and lead time information at 877-330-0512 or email