Custom Shade System

Rush-Co has brought its Fabric Tension Building expertise to the world of custom shading! Rush-Co engineering will design custom shading solutions to meet your needs. Made from galvanized steel, and with many cover fabric solutions available, you will enjoy a trouble free long-life shade system. You can rest easy with the knowledge that Rush-Co quality has been built in, an attribute that Rush-Co customers have come to appreciate.

Superior features of a Rush-Co custom shade system:

  • Engineered specifically to meet your design criteria
  • Shade systems can be small or large scale projects – All are welcome
  • Engineered to withstand severe weather conditions
  • Choose from previous designs, or choose to create your own
  • Structures made from the finest steel components, galvanized to resist corrosion
  • Various weather resistant cover materials available including:
    • Polyethylene
    • PVC (vinyl)
    • Multiple Cloth Fabrics
    • Best Value – Compare pricing and features, and you will see that the Rush-Co custom shade systems are the superior choice
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