Portable Livestock Shade System (patent pending)

Rush-Co offers 31' x 31' and 41' x 41' Portable Shade Units

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Rush-Co has brought its Fabric Tension Building expertise to the world of livestock shading! Developed in cooperation with local ranchers, Rush-Co’s portable livestock shade system was designed as a low cost, durable solution that will protect your livestock from the elements for years to come. The portable shade system was designed with ease of shipping, ease of installation, and ease of movement on your ranch from location to location, in mind. Made from galvanized steel, and a durable vinyl and mesh cover system, you will enjoy a trouble free, long-life, shade system. You can rest easy with the knowledge that Rush-Co quality has been built in, an attribute that Rush-Co customers have come to appreciate.

Compare these features of the Rush-Co portable livestock shade system with the competition:

  • Engineered to withstand severe weather conditions
  • 31’ by 31’ (961 sq ft) shade area (approximately 65 head of cattle assuming 15 sq ft of shade required per head)
  • 41' x 41' (1,681 sq ft) shade area (approximately 100 head of cattle assuming 15 sq ft of shade required per head)
  • Eliminates sprinkler usage – reduces the mud and mess caused by sprinklers in your lots
  • Cover is formed in an arc, allowing for easy rain runoff while maintaining adequate cover tension at all contact points (reduces wind whip, prolonging cover life)
  • Two piece kedered cover system - eliminates wind whip and improves on ease of install (patent pending)
  • Easy one-time installation (with 2 people and common equipment expect only a 2 - 4 hour installation time)
  • All components bolt together, no welding required
  • Holes are pre-drilled for easy assembly
  • Two base weight options (water tank can be included or omitted – if omitted, user weight must meet weight and height requirements)
  • All steel parts are galvanized to reduce corrosion and ensure long life
  • Cover is made of a durable vinyl and 80% mesh combination and reinforced with webbing throughout
  • Duel cover tension system – cover is tensioned using both coated cable and webbing with 2” ratchets at each corner for superior tension strength
  • The system breaks down into small and light-weight components for easy shipping
  • With the water tank as the system base weight, the water can easily be drained to make the entire system light-weight and easily moveable as a single piece
  • Built-in fork-lift sockets for easy transportation on your ranch from location to location
  • Tall 14’ work height allows for your machinery to work below the system without interference
  • Best Value – Compare pricing and features, and you will see that the Rush-Co portable livestock shade system is the superior choice

“**Note -  A University of Kentucky Animal Research Center study stated that cattle kept cool on hot days through the use of shade systems gained 1.25 lbs per cow (0.89 pounds per steer) per day versus those without shade when under heat stress conditions”
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